I spent the early years of my life in Africa, and my young adult life in France and the
United States. I traveled….

…And then I stopped here, a place that contains parts of every place I’ve ever been. The
Maremma. It was love at first sight, an extraordinary, unique land, a land of contrasts
where nature is still wild and lush, the pride of local artists whose work is imbued with its
beauty. And then there is the food and wine. It cannot be described, it must be tasted and
savored, its unique flavors containing the very essence of the land they come from.
True luxury is contained in discrete simplicity and quiet elegance. And I believe at Il
Daino Bianco, we have achieved exactly that. A place where you can rest and purify both
body and soul, where you can meet friends, partake in local offerings or just relax and soak
in the uncontaminated beauty of this beguiling place.