The Tuscan Maremma

Here you are in the Tuscan Maremma, a perfect microcosm that extends between the
provinces of Livorno and Grosseto.

A unique feature of the Maremma is its diversity: crystal clear sea, long beaches or jutting
rocks, mountains covered with thick woods, a lake and plains, fertile, cultivated hills and
natural thermal waters. This is a place out of time, with its roots going back to ancient
times. Here the Etruscans and later the Romans prospered for centuries leaving behind
important testimonies of their existence, still to be seen in the Etruscan cities of Populonia
and Roselle, and archeological finding throughout the territory. Then came the
Aldobrandeschi who ruled through the dark Middle Ages leaving behind tall towers,
castles and fortified villages such as Santa Fiora and Sovana. Even the Medicis and later
the Lorraines, lived here, as the mighty Medici walls of Grosseto still remind us. In fact,
the Medici began a reclamation of the Maremma, that only ended after the Second World


In 2014 the picturesque walled village of Montemerano was added to the list of “The most beautiful villages in Italy” (Tripadvisor) The village has a medieval castle built in its time to control the roads that led to the interior of Maremma. It is a small jewel of Renaissance architecture, rich in history and traditions, that was long fought over between the powerful families of central Italy like the Sienese, the Florentines, the Orvietani and of course the Orsini family of Pitigliano. Piazza del Castello with its evocative houses; the Tuscan Maremma; the defensive gates of entry of the Sienese era; the famous Church of San Giorgio, its rare frescoes and other magnificent works of art by the greatest masters of the Sienese school of the ‘300 and’ 500, including Sano di Pietro, Vecchietta and Andrea di Niccolò.

Places to visit nearby

Saturnia, Pitigliano, Scansano, Semproniano, Sorano, Sovana, Capalbio and Magliano. Monte Amiata, Monte Argentario, Isola del Giglio, Valle del Fiora and Lago di Bolsena.

The cures of the waters of Saturnia

When visiting Tuscany, you mustn’t miss the thermal waters of Saturnia, especially in the
Maremma. These curative waters are rich in mineral deposits, especially sulfur, and they
flow at a temperature of 37.5 ° C. They are famous above all for their therapeutic, healing

qualities and calming effects. You can make free use of the natural springs known as the
“Cascate del Mulino”, only 8 km from the Daino Bianco Country Hotel.


The center of Manciano is perched on a hill overlooking a plain and the Albegna valley on
one side, and the Tuffo area on the other.
Manciano is a hidden charm. One must get lost in its narrow winding streets and lanes to
discover the stark beauty of its ancient center, which wraps around the hill, and is almost
entirely contained in a thirteenth-century wall. Watchtowers built into parts of the wall
were later transformed into houses, creating a striking juxtaposition between two distinct
historical eras.